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Probate is the process whereby a decedent's assets and property are distributed to heirs and beneficiaries after all debts and taxes have been paid. Losing a loved one is very hard on the family and close loved ones, and the process is only made more burdensome when you have to go to court to settle their estate after their passing. A personal representative is responsible for collecting and assessing the estate assets, filing all applicable taxes, paying off debts and distributing the remainder to the rightful beneficiaries. If the personal representative, when acting in good faith makes any errors, then estate litigation can occur.

As a Waupun estate planning lawyer and founder of the Hoeper Law Offices, I strive to guide my clients through probate and find the most effective solutions to their estate and probate issues. With over 40 years of experience, I am honored to serve the residents of Waupun and the following areas:

Whether you were nominated as a personal representative by the decedent in their will, or if you were appointed by the court, I can provide you with the knowledgeable assistance you need to navigate through the probate process. If there is a problem over a will contest or another dispute, I can represent you through estate litigation whether you are a beneficiary or a personal representative.

Are you looking to establish an estate plan that will secure your future and enable you to pass down a lasting legacy for your loved ones? Estate planning is the process of planning for the distribution of your assets upon death; it can allow you to maximize your estate while reducing taxes as much as possible. An estate plan can include wills & trusts, a power of attorney for medical care and finances, and it can plan for long-term care and guardianship of minor children. For people who wish to leave certain assets to friends, distant relatives or charities, their goals can be realized through writing a will.

Other Areas of Practice

In addition to handling estate law and probate, I have years of experience handling other areas of law; for example, I can represent clients in their divorce and family law matters, I can help them file personal injury claims, I can assist clients in trial litigation, real estate law, as well as tax law.

I opened my office in 1994 and ever since, I have successfully handled hundreds of cases in numerous areas of probate, estate planning, family law, civil litigation and tax law. I am proud to offer outstanding legal representation to my clients and am here to give them realistic expectations, while aiming to achieve their goals wherever possible.

If you are looking for experienced and dedicated legal representation, please contact me at the Hoeper Law Offices today by calling (920) 344-0812.

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