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At Hoeper Law Offices, my staff and I are committed to help you with all of your real estate needs. As a qualified real estate lawyer in Wisconsin, I can get you started with matters regarding both buying and selling transactions and minimizing tax consequences. I place a strong importance on staying connected with my clients and making sure that we are always on the same page with one another. By discussing your needs related to real estate transactions, my staff and I at Hoeper Law Offices can figure out the best plan of action in order to get you the results you desire.

As a Wisconsin real estate law firm, my staff and I want you to feel confident with all of your real estate matters. Whether you are a property owner or potential buyer or seller, I can help protect your interests and help you gain peace of mind. At Hoeper Law Offices, I am able to provide you with experienced legal counsel regarding real estate purchases or sales involving a deed or land contract, refinancing with local financial institutions, commercial real estate development and litigation as well as agricultural real estate matters.

Legal Counsel in Buying and Selling Transactions

When it comes to buying or selling transactions, I have the legal experience to help you with the issues that may arise. These issues include title issues, document reviews, adverse possession, encroachment, removal of liens and encumbrances, removal of exceptions and due diligence up to the closing date. If any property defects or issues arise, my Wisconsin real estate law firm can assist you with identifying the defects and potential areas of dispute, joint well agreements, shared driveways, easements and property line matters. As for foreclosure, my staff and I are committed to providing you with experienced legal representation when dealing with short sales and foreclosure litigation defense for homeowners.

If you are a real estate buyer or seller and have any general questions, Hoeper Law Offices can help you. My staff and I understand the complexities that may arise and will help you with issues in property defect matters, drafting and reviewing important legal documents and general counsel for your real estate needs. Whether you are getting started in the process of owning property, selling property or in maintaining your property, my real estate law firm is able to assist you with all of your legal needs. My staff and I are also able to help you with Like-Kind Exchanges.

1031 Starker Exchange to Minimize Tax Consequences

1031 Starker Exchange, also known as a like-kind exchange, is a very useful tax tool used when exchanging one business or investment for another. This exchange helps to minimize tax consequences by limiting and possibly eliminating the taxes that are due during the time of the exchange. This way, instead of losing money to taxes, you are able to reinvest the money that you would have lost. It is important to understand that this exchange is not for personal use as it is typically beneficial to those who are business owners or property investors.

From buying and selling transactions to minimizing tax consequences, Hoeper Law Offices is here for your legal needs. As a real estate law firm in Waupun, you can feel safe in knowing that you are in good hands. With over 40 years of experience as a real estate lawyer, I will guide you towards the best plan of action. I understand that there are important considerations for you to make in order to protect yourself and your best interests in the transactions. An experienced Wisconsin attorney can ensure that the buyer's or seller's rights are protected in the sale contract. Contact Hoeper Law Offices to get well-qualified legal representation on your side.

Top 5 Things to Watch for in Your House Closing

The purchase of a home is one of the most expensive major investments that a person can make. Therefore, it is well to be cautious and approach the negotiation and closing of the home purchase in a professional manner. The homebuyer should have a real estate lawyer retained at every stage of the transaction from drafting and reviewing the offer to purchase right on through the closing.

Some of the major things to watch for are as follows:

1. Encroachments and eminent domain . Sometimes what you see is not what you get. When buying a piece of real estate, you want to be very sure that the property lines on the legal description correspond with the actual property lines as used by the owners over the years. Otherwise, you could have a problem created by the potential passage of title by virtue of adverse possession over a period of years. In addition, it is prudent to check whether or not governmental entities plan any actions that might affect property intended to be purchased or neighboring properties. This could create a situation in which the government might seek to invoke sovereign powers of eminent domain or effectuate an inverse condemnation by approving regulations that adversely affect the intended usage of the property in question.

2. Representations made in the course of the deal . A real estate buyer will receive a number of documents which are important to carefully consider in relation to the timing of the deal. Things a real estate buyer is told by either a real estate agent or a seller may or may not be binding after the closing by virtue of the doctrine of merger. In addition if a real estate condition report is to be relied upon, the buyer should be sure it is received before any offer is submitted. If there are important representations that the buyer intends to survive the closing, special attention must be paid to assure that happens.

3. Consider how to take title to the real estate . If more than one person's name is to be placed on the title, careful attention should be paid to whether they wish to take title as joint tenants with right of survivorship or tenants in common in which an undivided percentage of the property in the person's name may be disposed of in the estate plan; or if the buyers are a married Wisconsin couple, whether they wish to take as survivorship marital property. All of these choices have varied tax effects that must be considered in relation to the buyers' personal circumstances and estate plan.

4. Make sure you know the actual size of the parcels to be acquired . Requiring the seller to furnish a survey of the property at seller's expense is probably a good idea for most buyers to have peace of mind in trying to assure that what they are intending to acquire actually is what is conveyed to them. The survey can determine whether or not the property lines correspond with the lines of actual usage, whether there are any uses impinging on the legal description, and whether or not the total acreage in the parcel is as represented. A survey may also help to determine whether or not the parcel to be acquired brings with it the potential for an adverse possession lawsuit.

5. Be sure you know whether you have clear title . Special attention should be paid to the exceptions listed on the title insurance policy. After the initial title commitment is reviewed, it may be possible to remove some or all of the exceptions to coverage. This, again, is an important step in trying to make sure that what you are intending to buy is what you actually get.

A buyer should carefully inspect the property he or she is intending to acquire with the survey in hand to try to minimize exposure to the potential problems outlined above. This should include determining whether or not the boundary lines correspond to the lines determined by the legal description, as well as a determination as to whether or not the size of the parcel to be conveyed comports with the lot size as represented in the advertising materials.

It's relatively difficult for even an experienced real estate attorney, much less a first-time homebuyer, to try to evaluate and minimize the potential problems that can occur in a real estate purchase. Therefore, no matter what a real estate agent or a banker might tell you, a real estate buyer would be well advised to hire somebody that they know is dedicated only to looking out for their interests in the transaction.

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