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Estate Litigation in Waupun

Contesting a Will in Fond du Lac County

An individual may contest a will on several grounds, but they are challenging to prove in a court of law. With more and more people remarrying, both first and second families may be involved in the probate of one's will, which can often lead to estate litigation. If you wish to contest a will, it may be extremely beneficial for you to hire a skilled Waupun probate lawyer. At Hoeper Law Offices, my firm and I have over 40 years of probate law experience. For the last 10 years, I have been teaching probate law at the National Business Institute, which has widened my understanding of said area. I have helped clients successfully resolve their estate litigation cases, and I may be able to help you and your family, as well.

Grounds of Contesting a Will in Dodge & Winnebago Counties

There are four basic grounds of contesting a will and each are problematic to legally establish. If a family member believes that the will was not signed in accordance with state laws, they must prove that the proper legal formalities were not followed when the will was established. When a person is creating a will, he or she must understand what is being signed, the nature and value of their assets, and who is receiving said assets in their will. To contest a will on the grounds of the testator lacking testamentary capacity, an individual must have witnesses who can show the testator did not have the mental capability.

A doctor's statement claiming the testator was lacking testamentary capacity can also help an individual claim lack of mental capacity. A will procured by fraud is also grounds for contesting a will. Once again, witnesses may be needed to state what they believed the testator was signing at the time of the will's establishment. Lastly, a person may contest a will if they believe the testator was unduly influenced into signing the will. This means that the testator was put under severe duress, which caused them to lose free will, and comply with the person exerting the undue influence.

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My firm and I are experienced in estate litigation matters, and have the ability to help clients contest a will. Whether you are a first, second, or step family member, I may be able to assist you with your estate litigation case. To learn more, please visit or call my firm to schedule an appointment.

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