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Powers of Attorney in Waupun

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There are two different types of powers of attorney-medical powers of attorney, and financial powers of attorney. A financial and/or medical power of attorney is beneficial when an individual becomes unable to care for their finances, or cannot make decisions in regards to their health. Powers of attorney allow a person to name a trusted individual to act on their behalf for financial and/or healthcare matters. Depending on the situation and needs, a person may give their financial power of attorney restricted or unlimited control of finances. A healthcare power of attorney usually follows a person's advance medical directive, unless a specific medical situation is not explained in the document. The agent may then use best judgment, and make medical choices on the creator's behalf. To create powers of attorney, please contact my Waupun probate attorney at Hoeper Law Offices.

Create a Power of Attorney in Fond du Lac County

The person an individual names to make medical or financial decisions on their behalf is known as an agent. Any competent adult may act as a power of attorney, but it is ideal to choose a trusted person who is willing to act as a power of attorney. A power of attorney usually becomes effective when the creator signs it, and terminates when they become incapacitated. Durable powers of attorney, however, remain in effect if an individual becomes debilitated, and terminates once the creator passes away, gets divorced, terminates the power of attorney, or the court deems it invalid. If the creator does not want the power of attorney to go into effect until they become incapacitated, they can create a springing power of attorney.

Do you need a power of attorney?

Without a power of attorney, your loved ones will most likely have to go to court to get authority over your medical and financial affairs. At Hoeper Law Offices, my firm and I can help clients pick a suitable agent, and add powers of attorney to an estate plan. If you have any questions regarding powers of attorney, please do not hesitate to contact my firm. I can assist with all areas of estate planning and probate law, and I may be able to help you and your family with your legal needs.

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