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Why Hire Hoeper Law Offices

Receive Probate Assistance from an Experienced Attorney

My firm, Hoeper Law Offices, offers clients an experienced attorney who has the ability to address a wide range of legal needs. For over 40 years, I have helped clients buy and sell real estate, protect their rights in civil or criminal trials, assist with contracts, help them with various areas of family law, offer them tax aid, and much more. I work with an experienced paralegal for each case that my firm takes on, so if I am unavailable to discuss a client's case, they have someone else who is aware of their case's progression. I strive to conclude your legal problem in a timely and efficient manner while still delivering outstanding legal service. If you wish to contact me, the Waupun probate attorney from Hoeper Law Offices, please call my office.

The History of Hoeper Law Offices

Since 1972, Hoeper Law Offices has served clients from its 512 East Main Street, Waupun, Wisconsin, location. All of the staff members at my firm have made a choice to work in rural Wisconsin, rather than work in bigger cities, because they enjoy assisting Waupun residents. My firm and I have helped multiple generations of families with their legal issues, and I am satisfied helping a local, loyal client base with their legal needs. I succeeded the Hooker Family, who served the legal needs of clients in Waupun and the surrounding areas for more than three generations, in law practice. My association with E.W. Hooker allowed me to gain experience on all levels of trial work early on in my professional career.

I have helped clients all over the State of Wisconsin in matters involving arbitrations, mediations, administrative law hearings, cases, and arguments dealing with the circuit court, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. During a recent case, I was able to assist a client in multiple levels of litigation. The client and I began with an administrative law hearing, and proceeded through circuit court review and up to the Court of Appeals. I then culminated with an oral argument before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The case demonstrated the importance of making a good record and presenting a solid case from the evidence point of view, which my firm and I strive to do for every client.

The Initial Appointment

When you arrive for your first appointment, I will discuss your case with you, and make an initial determination of how we can work together to successfully resolve your case. I will tell you how your case will be billed, and how you can help me obtain a positive outcome for your legal issue. You will be introduced to the paralegal assigned primary responsibility for assisting with your file, and I will strive to answer all of your questions. I do not work alone on your case; I expect that you will do everything in your power to help me ensure that your case is successfully resolved. I, my staff, and my clients all share equal responsibility in meeting clients' end goals, and I encourage you to give me as much input as you feel necessary.

Satisfied Clients Are Our Best Recommendation

My staff and I want clients to have a positive experience when they hire my firm. My goal is for them to recommend me and my team to their friends and relatives. I make every effort to give each client the same outstanding and cost-effective legal representation and service that my firm and I give to all of my clients. Please click HERE to read some testimonials.

Dodge & Winnebago County's Experienced & Dedicated Law Firm

I have been practicing law for over four decades, and my clients have found that having my firm on your side is cost-justified in terms of increased recovery dollars in personal injury or contract actions. Recently, my firm and I assisted a client in recovering almost double of what his initial demand was for damages in arbitration on a breached contract. When he received the compensation that my firm had won on his behalf, he was more than pleased with my work.

Every year, my firm prepares to assist clients organize and file their federal and state income taxes. If clients wish, I may also determine if they need any other type of legal issues resolved. Filing taxes affects a variety of legal situations that are unrelated to the preparation and filing of the actual tax return, and some clients may be unaware of these problems until they file their taxes with my firm. My tax background is an important addition to the legal services I provide involving contracts, family law, and personal injury recoveries.

I am fortunate enough to have won many trial cases before judges and juries all over Wisconsin. When you choose my law offices to resolve your legal issues, you are getting the tax and trial expertise, as well as extensive general practice experience that has kept clients returning for more than 40 years. I not only practice law, but for the last 10 years, I have taught for the National Business Institute regarding the area of probate law. This not only furthers my understanding for probate, but allows me to teach others the ins and outs of probate law.

Why We Practice in Fond du Lac County

Practicing law in a rural setting has many enjoyable and unique benefits. The lakes of Southern Wisconsin give me and my family recreational opportunities that we would not have if we lived in a major city. My wife and I participate in Snipe racing on Big Green Lake in the summer, and during the winter, we both race DN iceboats. Winter sailing is highly competitive, and has allowed me to participate in World Championship DN regattas, North American Championship DN regattas, other local regattas, and club racing. Add fishing, sail boarding, and other recreational activities, including enjoying the beauty of the major migratory bird refuge, the Horicon Marsh, which is east of Waupun, and it is easy to see why my staff and I provide legal services in this area. I hope to add you and your family to our loyal client base. Thank you for your interest in my firm.

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